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Encor Kitchen Worktops Range

Encor Kitchen Worktop
Solid Kitchen Worktop
The Encore range offers a comprehensive choice of components, sink styles, installation materials and after care products. These are designed to make the installation process fast and easy on site, allowing you to enjoy your Encore worktops from the moment they go in. After that, our care and maintenance products are all you need to keep them looking lovely.

Whilst Encore is easy to install, it is not a DIY product and should always be fitted by an experienced installer. As not all solid surface products are the same, to guarantee a professional finish, we recommend an experienced installer installs this range.

For every installation, it is essential that the installer uses a Bushboard Installation Kit, along with our bespoke Encore colour-matched adhesive for bonding, jointing and sealing.

When installing any of the undermount sinks which are available with Encore, it is essential to use our specially developed jig to ensure a professional installation every time. Other jig systems are not compatible with Encore. Jigs for drainer patterns are also available allowing you to complement your chosen sink style.
To form curved corners for furniture runs or island units, we supply a radius jig which is suitable for a 230mm, 300mm, 400mm and 450mm radii.

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Types of kitchen worktop that we install

laminate worktops fitter

Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Laminate worktops are a popular choice for kitchens in the UK. Laminate worktops offer an attractive option for your kitchen at a more affordable price compared to solid wood worktops. They are quite hard wearing, resistant to heat and easy to maintain. The main advantage of laminate worktops is that it is available in a larger range of colours than other materials so it will fit in with any colour scheme.

wood worktops fitter

Solid Wood Worktops

Wood is one of nature's finest and most solid materials, emitting life and individuality with no two pieces identical. When formed as solid hardwood kitchen work-surfaces it can beautify any kitchen it graces. We offer classic and timeless creations with quality, great price and reliable delivery as our number one priority whether it's a single length of hardwood or a bespoke cut masterpiece.

solid surface worktops fitter

Solid Surface Kitchen Worktops

The worktops look like wood and are a cheaper alternative compared to a solid wood worktop. Made by chip board as like a laminate worktop, Solid Surface worktops have a 6mm outer wood finsh to the worktop. They are quite hard wearing and easy to maintain with laquor.


Giving greater precision when cutting kitchen worktops all our work
is carried out by using Festool Power Tools