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Mistral's Kitchen Worktop Range

wolid wood worktop
Natural wood worktop

Kitchen Worktop Fitters have been installing solid wood kitchen worktops for many years. Wood being a natural resource, care and consideration should be taken before installing a solid wood kitchen worktop.

Wooden kitchen worktops give a timeless look as well as a contemporary feel. Hardwood has antibacterial qualities, which makes it ideal for kitchen worktops and chopping boards.

After installation our fitters can oil or varnish your wooden worktop to ensure it has the best possible protection with years of enjoyment.

Please remember that timber used for wooden kitchen worktops should be sourced from well managed forests.

You should also note solid wood worktops may contain knots, natural colour variation and drying splits as normal features. This gives the unique qualities of wooden worktops compared to laminate worktops.

As a natural resource, wood can be effected by heat and humidity. Your kitchen worktop can lose and gain moisture before and after installation. Caring for your wooden worktop is important as wood expands in warm weather or high humidity and contracts during colder months or low humidity. When these extreme weather patterns happen wood can bow or warp if not treated and maintained correctly.

Short-term Storage

We recommend that all worktops are oiled immediately upon delivery from your supplier. Installation should be carried out as soon as possible after delivery. However if the wooden worktop is not ready to fit straightaway, please ensure that you have oiled the worktop and place back in its original pacakging.

Make sure the storage area is indoors, has a stable humidity, and will not be subject to extreme temperatures. Fresh plasterwork should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 4-6 weeks before installing a solid wood worktop.

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Types of kitchen worktop that we install

laminate worktops fitter

Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Laminate worktops are a popular choice for kitchens in the UK. Laminate worktops offer an attractive option for your kitchen at a more affordable price compared to solid wood worktops. They are quite hard wearing, resistant to heat and easy to maintain. The main advantage of laminate worktops is that it is available in a larger range of colours than other materials so it will fit in with any colour scheme.

wood worktops fitter

Solid Wood Worktops

Wood is one of nature's finest and most solid materials, emitting life and individuality with no two pieces identical. When formed as solid hardwood kitchen work-surfaces it can beautify any kitchen it graces. We offer classic and timeless creations with quality, great price and reliable delivery as our number one priority whether it's a single length of hardwood or a bespoke cut masterpiece.

solid surface worktops fitter

Solid Surface Kitchen Worktops

The worktops look like wood and are a cheaper alternative compared to a solid wood worktop. Made by chip board as like a laminate worktop, Solid Surface worktops have a 6mm outer wood finsh to the worktop. They are quite hard wearing and easy to maintain with laquor.


Giving greater precision when cutting kitchen worktops all our work
is carried out by using Festool Power Tools